‘Khatoon Ki Khidmat’ is a Perfect 10 winner in the prestigious Mumbai International Film Festival (MAMI) 2018 under the ‘Royal Stag Large Short Films category.’ The film is about a newly-married couple and a father who takes the audience on a satirical journey portraying the negligence and orthodox beliefs of the society.


Khatoon Ki Khidmat had me smiling all the way through. The rhythm of the movie is well-maintained and goes hand in hand with the current political turbulence that the country is going through in the matters of Islamic or perhaps the broader religious question.

- Flickside


The short film is a nuanced and skilful portrayal of how humour can be found even in the most tragic situations. Along with being a subtle but impactful comment on gender, it also shows the struggle of straddling modernity and tradition.

- Shorted


प्रेमचंद की कहानियों जैसी सादगी का जादू बिखेरने वाली एक शॉर्ट फिल्म, ‘ख़ातून की ख़िदमत’ रोज़मर्रा के एक मसले को बड़ी ही ख़ूबसूरती से उकेरती है

- Shubham Upadhyay, Satyagrah


The short film surely brings out the humour in the tiniest of situations and leaves you with a laugh while raising questions about society and religion. It throws a light on the struggle between tradition and modernity as well as different valid interpretations of religion.

- Telangana Today

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    A satirical comedy based on negligence and orthodox beliefs of the society and how the protagonist gets caught between the two school of thoughts. Story of a husband who is juggling between his wife and father and trying to keep both of them happy.

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